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Name Unit Description
EBitmapException PXL.Bitmaps

Generic bitmap exception.

EBitmapInvalid PXL.Bitmaps

The specified bitmap is invalid or Nil.

EBitmapLoad PXL.Bitmaps

There was a problem loading bitmap.

EBitmapSave PXL.Bitmaps

There was a problem saving bitmap.

ECanvasBeginScene PXL.Bitmaps

There was a problem trying to start rendering using bitmap's canvas.

ECanvasInitialize PXL.Bitmaps

Bitmap's canvas could not be initialized.

EDrawableBeginScene PXL.Bitmaps

Attempting to start rendering on drawable texture failed.

EDrawableTexture PXL.Bitmaps

Generic bitmap's drawable texture exception.

EDrawableTextureClear PXL.Bitmaps

Could not clear drawable texture.

EDrawableTextureCopy PXL.Bitmaps

Error during copy operation in drawable texture.

EDrawableTextureCreate PXL.Bitmaps

Could not create drawable texture instance.

EDrawableTextureInitialize PXL.Bitmaps

There was a problem trying to initialize drawable texture.

EDrawableTextureRestore PXL.Bitmaps

Drawable texture could not be restored after its surface was released due to "lost device" scenario.

EInvalidBitmapSize PXL.Bitmaps

The specified bitmap size is invalid.

EInvalidImageFormatManager PXL.Bitmaps

Image format manager associated with bitmap's device is invalid or Nil.

EInvalidProvider PXL.Bitmaps

Provider associated with bitmap's device is invalid or Nil.

ELockableTexture PXL.Bitmaps

Generic bitmap's lockable texture exception.

ELockableTextureAccess PXL.Bitmaps

An error occurred when trying to access lockable texture.

ELockableTextureClear PXL.Bitmaps

Could not clear lockable texture.

ELockableTextureCopy PXL.Bitmaps

Error during copy operation in lockable texture.

ELockableTextureCreate PXL.Bitmaps

Could not create lockable texture instance.

ELockableTextureInitialize PXL.Bitmaps

There was a problem trying to initialize lockable texture.

ELockableTextureRestore PXL.Bitmaps

Lockable texture could not be restored after its surface was released due to "lost device" scenario.

EParentDeviceInvalid PXL.Bitmaps

Device to which bitmap should be bound to is invalid.

EParentDeviceNull PXL.Bitmaps

Device to which bitmap should be bound to is Nil.

EPixelFormatConvert PXL.Bitmaps

There was a problem converting to new pixel format or new pixel format may not be supported.

ETextureException PXL.Bitmaps

Generic bitmap's texture exception.

TAssetStream PXL.Classes

Special stream type that is used to read assets on Android platform.

TAtlasImage PXL.Images

Atlas image may contain one or more textures and multiple regions, which can be selected when rendering on canvas.

TAtlasImages PXL.Images

The list that may contain one or more instances of TAtlasImage and provide facilities to search for images by their unique names, image loading and handling "device lost" scenario.

TBitmap PXL.Bitmaps

High-level bitmap that contains image data with multiple storage options (e.g.

TBitmapFont PXL.Fonts

Bitmap font implementation.

TBitmapFont.TKernings PXL.Fonts

Spacing information between each pair of individual letters to provide pixel-perfect text rendering.

TBitmapFont.TStyleTags PXL.Fonts

Text tags that allow changing colors directly inside text.

TBitmapFont.TStyleTags.TEntry PXL.Fonts

Style tag entry.

TBitmapFonts PXL.Fonts

The list that may contain one or more instances of TBitmapFont and provide facilities to search for fonts by their unique names, font loading and handling "device lost" scenario.

TCipherBlock PXL.Data

Initialization block used for XTEA cipher.

TCipherKey PXL.Data

Security password used for XTEA cipher.

TColorPair PXL.Types

A combination of two colors, primarily used for displaying text with the first color being on top and the second being on bottom.

TColorRect PXL.Types

A combination of four colors, primarily used for displaying colored quads, where each color corresponds to top/left,top/right, bottom/right and bottom/left accordingly (clockwise).

TConceptualPixelSurface PXL.Surfaces

Conceptual surface that provide means of reading, writing and drawing individual pixels.

TCustomADC PXL.Boards.Types

Abstract ADC (Analog-to-Digital Converter) manager.

TCustomBaseTexture PXL.Textures

Base definition of hardware-assisted texture.

TCustomCanvas PXL.Canvas

Abstract canvas definition that provides few basic functions that need to be implemented by derived classes and many different rendering functions that internally use basic functions to do the rendering.

TCustomCanvasEffect PXL.Canvas

Abstract definition for canvas effect.

TCustomCanvasImage PXL.Canvas

Abstract image that can be rendered with canvas.

TCustomCanvasParent PXL.Canvas

Abstract class definition that can hold a child reference to canvas.

TCustomDataPort PXL.Boards.Types

Abstract communication manager can be used for reading and writing data.

TCustomDevice PXL.Devices

Hardware device wrapper that handles communication between application and the video card.

TCustomDeviceContext PXL.Devices

Abstract device context class that contains important device specific references.

TCustomDeviceContextWriter PXL.Devices

Abstract writer class that is given by device context upon creation and allows writing to context's internal values.

TCustomDeviceProvider PXL.Devices

Abstract device provider class that is responsible of creating resources that are specific to one particular technology and/or API.

TCustomDrawableTexture PXL.Textures

Base definition of "drawable" texture; that is, a texture that can be drawn to.

TCustomGPIO PXL.Boards.Types

Abstract GPIO (General Purpose Input / Output) manager.

TCustomImageFormatHandler PXL.ImageFormats

Extension class for TImageFormatManager that supports saving and loading different image formats and can be plugged to one or more image format managers.

TCustomImageFormatManager PXL.ImageFormats

Abstract image format manager, which provides facilities for loading and saving different image formats.

TCustomLockableTexture PXL.Textures

Base definition of "lockable" texture; that is, a texture that can have regions "locked" so they become accessible to CPU.

TCustomPortI2C PXL.Boards.Types

Abstract I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) communication manager.

TCustomPortSPI PXL.Boards.Types

Abstract SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) communication manager.

TCustomPortUART PXL.Boards.Types

Abstract UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter) communication manager.

TCustomPWM PXL.Boards.Types

Abstract PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) manager.

TCustomStateDevice PXL.Devices

A more elaborated hardware device wrapper that can have working state so it needs to be initialized before any rendering can take place.

TCustomSwapChainDevice PXL.SwapChains

Hardware device wrapper that supports rendering to multiple swap chains, which can be located on one or several windows.

TCustomSystemCore PXL.Boards.Types

System core of the board, which provides high-performance utility functions for accurate timing and delays.

TFloatColor PXL.Types

A special high-precision color value that has each individual component represented as 32-bit floating-point value in range of [0, 1].

TFloatRect PXL.Types

General-purpose floating-point rectangle POD type defined by top and left margins, width and height.

TGraphicsDeviceProvider PXL.Providers

Abstract device provider that is able to create new instances of important rendering classes such as canvas and textures.

TImageFormatManager PXL.ImageFormats

General-purpose Image Format Manager that has pluggable mechanism so that handlers (those derived from TCustomImageFormatHandler class) can be associated with it to load and save different image formats.

TIntColorRec PXL.Types

Alternative representation of TIntColor, where each element can be accessed as an individual value.

TIntRect PXL.Types

General-purpose integer rectangle POD type defined by top and left margins, width and height.

TLockedPixels PXL.Textures

This structure stores information about locked texture's portion that can be accessed by CPU.

TMatrix3f PXL.Types

3x3 transformation matrix.

TMatrix4f PXL.Types

4x4 transformation matrix.

TMD5Checksum PXL.Data

MD5 checksum value.

TMultimediaTimer PXL.Timing

A special-purpose timer implementation that can provide fixed frame-based processing independently of rendering frame rate.

TNetCom PXL.NetComs

A simple communication component that can transmit and receive messages through UDP protocol over local network and/or Internet.

TPixelFormatColorBits PXL.Formats

Channel bit information.

TPixelFormatDescription PXL.Formats

Complete information about specific pixel format.

TPixelFormatHelper PXL.Formats

Extension for TPixelFormat to provide number of bits, bytes and string conversion.

TPixelFormatList PXL.Formats

List of one or more pixel format elements.

TPixelMipMapSurface PXL.Surfaces

This class closely resembles TPixelSurface, except that it also contains other surfaces, mainly useful for generating and storing mipmaps.

TPixelSurface PXL.Surfaces

Surface that stores pixels in one of supported formats, with facilities for pixel format conversion, resizing, copying, drawing, shrinking and so on.

TPixelSurfaces PXL.Surfaces

List of TPixelSurface elements with a function of quickly finding by unique name.

TPoint2f PXL.Types

2D floating-point vector.

TPoint2i PXL.Types

2D integer vector.

TQuad PXL.Types

Special floating-point quadrilateral defined by four vertices starting from top/left in clockwise order.

TQuaternion PXL.Types

3D quaternion.

TStreamHelper PXL.Classes

Extensions to TStream class for reading and writing different values depending on platform.

TSwapChainInfo PXL.SwapChains

General description of rendering swap chain.

TSwapChains PXL.SwapChains

List of all rendering swap chains that are to be used with Asphyre device.

TVector3f PXL.Types

3D floating-point vector.

TVector3i PXL.Types

3D integer vector.

TVector4f PXL.Types

4D (3D + w) floating-point vector.

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