Afterwarp Framework

For 2D and 3D interactive applications, Asphyre / PXL have been superseded by Afterwarp Framework. The framework is located on our new web site:

For embedded applications and peripheral access on devices such as Raspberry PI, please take a look at our new MicroPXL library, a new open-source project hosted on GitHub that is a successor to PXL.

This product is quite outdated having reached End of Life for a long time. It is provided for archival purposes only. For more information, please look at our list of currently supported products.


Asphyre Casual Framework is a powerful open-source framework primarily aimed at casual game developers. It provides a high-level layer over underlying 3D hardware to enable hardware acceleration for 2D rendering.

The framework currently implements DirectX 7.0 service provider, which uses Direct3D for 2D rendering. Additional providers will be implemented in the future targeting DirectX 9.0 and OpenGL.

This is the first framework in Asphyre series to support FreePascal / Lazarus in addition to CodeGear / Borland Delphi. In addition, the framework can be used with KOL.


  • Extended 2D graphics primitives
  • Advanced Bitmap Fonts with efficient letter packing
  • Major compatibility with all existing hardware
  • Dynamic textures and easy to use render targets
  • Alpha-channel support with alpha-blending
  • High performance rendering using multiple cache techniques
  • High-definition timer supporting VCL, KOL and Lazarus
  • Input controls for Keyboard, Mouse and Multiple Joysticks


Latest Snapshot (07-Nov-2007)

This package contains latest Asphyre Casual Framework source code, examples, and tools.

Additional Material

The above package contains a ported version of Hasteroids game that was written for older Asphyre versions.