Afterwarp Framework

Please take your time to check our new 2D/3D framework for industrial and enterprise applications.
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This product is quite outdated having reached End of Life for a long time. It is provided for archival purposes only. For more information, please look at our list of currently supported products.


Asphyre 1.5.2 is an early predecessor to Asphyre eXtreme, that came out on February, 2005. In contrast to other releases, this version contains Software Renderer, which can run on almost any hardware at the cost of reduced performance. There were community members that had Asphyre 1.5.2 as their favorite development package for a long time after the release has been superseded.


  • Advanced, high-performance 2D graphics using DirectX 9.0c
  • Software Renderer using MMX technology and DirectX 7.0
  • High-definition timer
  • Input controls for Keyboard, Mouse and Multiple Joysticks
  • Networking and Multiplayer support
  • Particle and Object engines
  • Bitmap Font support and rendering


This package contains Asphyre 1.5.2 source code, examples, tools and documentation.