Logo Wicked Defense 2 is a 3D tower-defense type strategy game, where you have to build towers and cast spells to prevent spawning monsters from reaching their destination.

This is a sequel to Wicked Defense 1, which first appeared around 2007. First release of the game featured square-shaped maps and simple game dynamics, whereas the sequel, released in 2009, features hexagonal and irregularly-shaped maps along with complex scripting to provide a form of non-linear gameplay.

On technical side, this game used our Asphyre 4.x framework with SM2 shaders and mesh instancing to construct beautiful procedural 3D models in real-time. In some scenarios, this really pushes GPU to its limits, even modern ones. The game also features amazing volumetric effects such as lasers, rays and particle showers.


  • 10 unique monsters each with its own 4 sub-classes having different characteristics, special abilities and vulnerabilities.
  • 8 unique defense towers each with its own special abilities and operation.
  • For each tower, 3 different upgrade paths adding, changing and/or removing special abilities.
  • 7 unique instant spells that can be cast overland to temporarily boost tower's powers, debilitate monsters or wreak havoc on the map.
  • 5 non-linear map scenarios with multiple wave levels that require both careful thinking and experimentation to beat.
  • Included Scenario Editor that can be used to quickly create new maps, which uses Pascal programming language scripting.


System requirements:
  • Intel Pentium M processor or equivalent.
  • At least 512 MiB of RAM.
  • DirectX 9.0 compatible video card capable of running shaders.
  • Microsoft Windows XP or later.
  • 120 MiB of disk space or more.


Wicked Defense v2.0.0 freeware (June 13, 2016)

This package is basically a Windows installer, which includes game itself, scenario editor and DirectX pre-requisite files.